Watch Chrissy Teigen Jazzercise For Fries In Barely There Bodysuit

By | November 25, 2016


And on the 16th day of December, Chrissy Teigen blessed us with our new favorite workout video, all in the name of junk food and wine. 

Every year, Love magazine counts down to Dec. 25 with a video advent calendar featuring the Instafamous and and some actual celebs doing super     ~ artsy ~ things

Now, it’s Teigen’s turn to strut her stuff for an ‘80s-inspired video in which she shows some serious skin wearing a tight blue bodysuit, a red headband and wristbands and, duh, leg warmers.

We knew the model-turned-TV-host had a passion for culinary delights, but who knew she’d go this far?!

BRB, we finally found something to do at the gym. 


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