Special Sauce: Daniel Rose on Finding Joy at the Table

By | December 16, 2016


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[Photograph: Owen Franken. Leeks Photograph: Le Coucou, Corry Arnold.]

How did Daniel Rose, New York City’s chef of the moment (both The New York Times and New York Magazine called his restaurant, Le Coucou, the best new restaurant of the year), decide between cooking and architecture? “It dawned on me that if I went to school for architecture and then dropped out, I would be an architecture school dropout. But if I went to learn to cook and dropped out of that and then became an architect, it would be seen as some sort of success. So I decided to go to cooking school first.”

He obviously made a wise choice: His three Paris restaurants have become the most difficult reservations to get in the City of Lights, and it’s similarly difficult to snag a seat at Le Coucou, which is his first foray stateside. The great thing about listening to Rose on Special Sauce is that you can get an idea of what it’s like to eat at his restaurants, without dealing with the reservation problem, since he’s incredibly articulate about what inspires and motivates the cooking that has earned him such accolades.

Rose has a lot of surprising and wonderful things to say on the podcast, but to hear more you’re just going to have to listen.

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