‘SNL’s’ Shirtless Version Of Vladimir Putin Pays Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump A Christmas Visit

By | August 7, 2016


“Wasn’t that a great choice? I saw him on Dancing With the Stars,’” said Baldwin as Trump. “This guy has so much energy, Unpresidented,” he added, in reference to a misspelled tweet Trump posted Saturday.

SNL then poked fun at the reportedly tough time Trump is having finding music stars to perform at his inauguration, before Beck Bennett as a shirtless Putin comes out of the fireplace to give Trump a special Christmas “Elf on the Shelf” gift, in reference to a CIA report that Russia interfered with the presidential election.

When Baldwin as Trump says he feels bad at not getting him anything, Bennett as Putin replies: “Please Mr. Trump, you are the gift.”

Goodman as Tillerson, who is friendly with Putin in real life, then arrives on the scene — and the reunited duo proceed to do a special dance before discussing business, while all Trump can do is talk about his meeting with Kanye West.

Check it out in the clip above.


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