Photographer Captures Lapland’s Northern Lights In Magical Photos

By | May 24, 2016


Lapland is full of magic. The Finnish region some call the “true” home of Santa Claus is also a prime place to see the northern lights: Here, nature’s sparkliest show plays out on more than 200 nights per year, according to VisitFinland.

A Lapland local, photographer Tiina Törmänen moved back home from the big city Helsinki about five years ago. Armed with a camera, she tackles the daunting task of capturing the Northern Lights on film.

“Some people wonder why I go out into the woods alone,” Törmänen told HuffPost. “But my family has lived there for hundreds of years, so it’s like my backyard. The lights are so beautiful, you just have to go out there to understand them.”


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