Carrie Fisher Wanted Her ‘Fantastic Obit’ To Read Something Like This

[ad_1] Many touching obituaries have been written in the wake of Carrie Fisher’s death on Tuesday. Yet, none are quite like the one the witty 60-year-old author once wrote for herself. In Fisher’s 2008 memoir Wishful Drinking, which she also adapted into a one-woman show, the actress describes an exchange she had with “Star Wars” creator George… Read More »

Author Gretchen Rubin Reflects on Memories, Resilience, and Happiness

[ad_1] I recently interviewed New York Times bestselling author Gretchen Rubin, which was fascinating given that I focus on grief and resilience and Gretchen tackles all facets of habits and happiness. Gretchen’s written the groundbreaking books, The Happiness Project, Happier at Home, and Better Than Before: Mastering the Habits of Our Everyday Lives, and she… Read More »

Special Sauce: Daniel Rose on Finding Joy at the Table

[ad_1] [Photograph: Owen Franken. Leeks Photograph: Le Coucou, Corry Arnold.] How did Daniel Rose, New York City’s chef of the moment (both The New York Times and New York Magazine called his restaurant, Le Coucou, the best new restaurant of the year), decide between cooking and architecture? “It dawned on me that if I went… Read More »

Co Sleeping With My Kids Is A Blessing Not A Curse

[ad_1] I have known many parents (including my Mom) who is against co sleeping and it always baffles me why people cannot grasp how comforting this concept is.  For me it has been the most rewarding interaction and our foundation for security that I have had with my children (along with nursing) that has created… Read More »

Stephen Colbert: Mistletoe Should Be Renamed Mistle-Trump

[ad_1] It’s the most wonderful time of the year! But there’s one aspect of the holiday season that’s got Stephen Colbert seriously bugged. On Friday’s broadcast of the “Late Show,” the comedian poured scorn on the Christmas custom of kissing underneath the mistletoe. “This one is a messed up tradition,” said Colbert. “If you catch… Read More »

How This Latina Is Helping Undocumented Immigrants Understand Their Rights

[ad_1] Activist Gabriela Castañeda wants undocumented immigrants to know they’re protected under the U.S. constitution, regardless of their status.  In a Fusion video posted on Wednesday, Castañeda, who is formerly undocumented, explains the crucial rights any immigrant has when confronted by law enforcement. “This is people that’s been in the country undocumented for almost 15 or… Read More »

Donald Trump Names Kellyanne Conway As His Presidential Counselor

[ad_1] Kellyanne Conway will be appointed counselor to the president, President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team announced Thursday. The designation will make Conway the highest-ranking woman in Trump’s White House. As his campaign manager and strategist, Conway led Trump to his victory over Hillary Clinton in November’s presidential election. She was one of his most visible surrogates… Read More »

The 21 Day Gratitude Challenge

[ad_1] As we round the corner into a new year, we start thinking about what we want to be different. I’m all for dreaming big and getting more of what you want–and in fact, people who explicitly make resolutions are 10 times more likely to attain their goals than people who don’t! But making an… Read More »

Dear Neophyte Traveler, I’m Watching You

[ad_1] If you love to travel, as I do, you might have a love-hate relationship with airports or domestic air travel. Broadly speaking, I love both. What sometimes complicates this state of affairs is, well, people. Yet I’m not talking about everyone. I’m talking about those folks who don’t fly or don’t know how air… Read More »

If Not Now Then When?

[ad_1] A new year has a very special effect: it makes us feel like we have the chance to start over, to do things better this time, to make amends, even to right all the wrongs in the world. So why does it take a new year to make us feel like this? Why is… Read More »