Martha Stewart Dates Men Younger Than Her Daughter

By | December 4, 2016


Martha Stewart is living.

The media mogul recently shared some interesting information about her love life on “The Wendy Williams Show.”

When Williams asked the 75-year-old if she dates, Steward admitted that she does “a little bit here and there.” She then added she likes to date men who are “ten years younger.”

Then, without any further prodding from Williams, the former model offered up a gem of a story.

The grandmother told Williams about how she once took a former boyfriend with her on a family trip to Egypt. During the trip, she discovered that the man she was dating was younger than her daughter and “had no idea.”

“Because he looked older, he had a little gray in his hair. But he was 34 years old or something.”

She also added — numerous times — that he was “very fun.”

This information comes only months after Stewart confessed on “Ellen” that she has sexted in the past.

But when DeGeneres pressed for more information, Stewart refused to kiss and tell.

Aw, Martha, you’re always a class act!


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