Man Stages Frightening Police Encounter To Propose To His Fiancé

By | July 29, 2016


One man wanted to make a statement about Black Lives Matter in his proposal to his girlfriend. So he staged a frightening encounter with police.

Daiwon McPherson told WPMI that he set up as a tense encounter with the Mobile Police Department at a gas station to ask for Shawna Blackmon’s hand in marriage.

McPherson he told the local outlet that he was on his way to a date with Blackmon when his now-fiancé got a call that he had been pulled over.

Blackmon went to meet him at the gas station. She said that she was afraid “they are going to shoot him” when she saw the cops. She thought that she could diffuse the situation.

“Me getting out and seeing that I felt like I can fix this, let me try to fix this and let me calm the situation down and let it work,” McPherson said.

In a video of the proposal, posted by Tyler S. Colvin, two police officers got out of a cop car and told McPherson to get on the ground. Blackmon began approaching him after one officer asked if her had a gun. When she told them that she was his “wife,” they told her to get his weapon from him.

 When Blackmon bent down to retrieve his “gun,” McPherson pulled out a ring. 

“First thing you’re going to think is we got another black man going to get killed by two police officers, nope that was the whole flip,” he told WPMI. “I felt like that was the perfect set up to do something like that and bring everybody together.” 

In an interview with Buzzfeed, McPherson said that it’s “crazy” that a threatening situation people have gotten used to seeing “turned out to be positive.”

The couple has received some criticism but they said that their intention wasn’t to mock the Black Lives Matter movement. Regardless, McPherson’s proposal certainly made an impact.

Watch the proposal below. 


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