Kugel Recipes So Good, They Belong On Everyone’s Holiday Table

By | November 6, 2016


We know that for some of you, it’s borderline insulting that we suggest a new kugel recipe. The best kugel recipe ever made comes from your family’s oven, of course.

While no one will make kugel as good as your mom’ (or bubbie’s), there are a great many ways one can make this baked casserole dish: sweet, savory, with small noodles, big noodles, potatoes in place of noodles, with apples on top or raisins mixed in. The list goes on and on, and it’s a disservice to your culinary curiosity to not branch out, just a little. 

For those of you out there without a kugel history, you’re in luck. Not only are you being introduced to one of the best foods to grace the Hanukkah table ― this traditional dish basically rivals stuffing’s place in our hearts ― but we have the recipes that’ll help you enjoy the various ways kugel can be made.


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