If The Holidays Are Driving You Mad, Baby Bjork Reading The Nativity Story Will Help

By | June 11, 2016


You might have stopped believing in holiday magic once you graduated elementary school, and that’s chill. But if perchance you have yet to see this video of a young Bjork reading the nativity story aloud on Icelandic television ― you might just have to reconsider. 

 The video was originally shot in 1977 and uploaded to Reddit in 2014, where it has remained on the minds of grumpy internet users desperate for a break from Christmas family fun ever since. In it, an 11-year-old Bjork looking unbelievably adorable and predictably cool tells the story of Jesus’ birth while a kids’ orchestra from the Reykjavík Children’s Music School plays in the background. 

I mean, just look at this face. 

Just five years later, Bjork would be fronting a punk band wearing face paint and a bow in her hair. And a mere 35 years after that, Bjork would be using her role as one of music’s most influential living legends to call out sexism in the industry.

Once a renegade visionary, always a renegade visionary. Happy holidays to everyone ― but especially to Bjork. 


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