Fight The Patriarchy With This Lady-Brewed Beer

By | October 16, 2016


A group of Denver women has turned their post-election rage and fear into action: by brewing beer.

On Wednesday, Guardian Brewing Co. announced on its website that it had teamed up with other local breweries to make a special Inauguration Day beer. 

The beer, a “black Belgian Saison with peppercorns and Belgian Saison yeast,” has been aptly named “Makin’ Noise: A Pussy Riot Beer” in honor of the Russian punk band and activist group.

The beer was not only brewed exclusively by a group of women, but its brewers are asking that at least one dollar from every beer purchased go to Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, and local LGTBQ and environmental awareness organizations. 

The brewers will begin tapping the beer on Inauguration Day this month, but they wantED it to be focused on supporting marginalized communities rather than the president-elect himself.

“Was this sparked by his election? Yes,” said one of the Denver-based brewers, Bess Dougherty. “But in the end, it’s about groups who will be at risk under this administration, groups that are already under attack,” she told Westword.  

Other participating breweries are Lady Justice, 3 Freaks, Black Sky, Goldspot, and Brewability ― all based in the Denver area. 

In Guardian Brewery’s mission statement about “Makin’ Noise: A Pussy Riot Beer,” Dougherty said that brewing the beer was all about using art to instigate positive social change. “We are brewers,” she said. “So our tool is beer.” 


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