Chris Pratt Surprises Anna Faris With A Wedding Ring Upgrade For Christmas

By | September 28, 2016


Chris Pratt’s character in the sci-fi drama “Passengers” might be kind of a creep, but in real life the actor is an unabashed romantic. 

On the red carpet for the Los Angeles premiere of the space-flight romance, Pratt’s wife, actress Anna Faris, revealed that he had upgraded their wedding ring with some serious bling two days prior. 

“He just got me this ring. I know. Like, two days ago,” she told E! News on the red carpet, while flashing the gorgeous diamond. “I look [at it] and I’m like, ‘I can’t believe it, either!’ He’s an incredibly romantic man and I’m very, very lucky.”

“She got me a tractor,” Pratt quipped, “so we’re kind of even!”

Todd Williamson via Getty Images

Couple goals. 

The stunning oval-cut stone, circled by a halo of diamonds and offset with a sparkly gold band, appears to be considerably bigger than Faris’ original wedding ring.

After the premiere, Faris gave a shoutout to Pratt as only she could, in a tweet responding to a message from InStyle about her blinding new bling. 


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