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The 21 Day Gratitude Challenge

[ad_1] As we round the corner into a new year, we start thinking about what we want to be different. I’m all for dreaming big and getting more of what you want–and in fact, people who explicitly make resolutions are 10 times more likely to attain their goals than people who don’t! But making an… Read More »

If Not Now Then When?

[ad_1] A new year has a very special effect: it makes us feel like we have the chance to start over, to do things better this time, to make amends, even to right all the wrongs in the world. So why does it take a new year to make us feel like this? Why is… Read More »

Meet Kids Who Gave Their Elders The Ultimate Gift

[ad_1] The scenes are simple: Steve Griffith playing catch with his son, Lewis. Boris Govzman doing card tricks for his grandsons, Daniel and Jonathan Tyshler. Irene Sample sprinkling wisdom on her great-grandkids, Eunique and Darian Latchison. In so many ways, these adults helped shape the lives of these youngsters. And, in return, these youngsters helped… Read More »

Redefining Resolutions In Recovery

[ad_1] This will be the year! Back and forth the conversation in my head repeated. One hour the upcoming new year meant I was going to ‘perfectly’ recover, eliminating all eating disorder behaviors, all at once, once and for all. Done. The next hour I plotted methods for ‘perfecting’ my eating disorder. Ambivalence highlighted and… Read More »

Holiday Black and Blues

[ad_1] The holiday season began with Thanksgiving. We took a deep breath and stepped on the roller coaster ride that will zip us through an unending gauntlet of paper-wrapped, bow-tied, fancy-dan celebrations and parties. We will change out one holiday as the next one begins. Depending on your background, your formal observances could include Hanukkah,… Read More »

Artists’ Brushstrokes Can Reveal Early Signs Of Brain Disorders, Study Finds

[ad_1] Abstract expressionist painter Willem de Kooning was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in his 80s. However, a new study by Alex Forsythe at the University of Liverpool claims there were signs of de Kooning’s cognitive decline apparent in his paintings, long before his condition was medically detected.  Forsythe set out to determine whether changes in artists’ brushstrokes… Read More »