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10 Ways to Get Peace of Mind in 2017

[ad_1] 2016 may or may not have gone as planned, but there’s no need to worry! 2017 will bring even more opportunities for improvement and personal growth. If you didn’t meet your 2016 goals, don’t beat yourself up. According to a recent study, approximately 92% of Americans fail to meet their New Year’s resolutions. That… Read More »

One Breath Into This Breathalyzer Can Diagnose 17 Diseases

[ad_1] A single breath into a newfangled breathalyzer is all doctors need to diagnose 17 different diseases, including lung cancer, irritable bowel syndrome and multiple sclerosis, a new study found. Researchers invited about 1,400 people from five different countries to breathe into the device, which is still in its testing phases. The breathalyzer could identify… Read More »

10 Things To Give Up In The New Year

[ad_1] Life has taught me many lessons, most of which came after the death of my late husband in 2009. Before his death I didn’t notice my lessons, I didn’t tune into the greater musings of our universe. Ironically, death taught me to be alive for perhaps the first time in my entire adult life.… Read More »

Sous Vide Poached Shrimp

[ad_1] [Photographs: J. Kenji Lopez-Alt] Shrimp cooked by traditional methods can be fantastic, but nailing the perfect temperature can be a bit hit or miss. With a sous vide cooker, you don’t have this issue because that short window of time between perfect and overcooked stretches out to a good half hour or so. Sous… Read More »

Finding Solid Ground

[ad_1] John’s father had built their home when John was a boy. It was perched on the side of a mountain overlooking the sea and John wanted to stay there as long as possible. But over the years, the ocean had worn away the shore and compromised the integrity of the foundation. No amount of… Read More »