The 12 Types Of Trips You Should Take In Your Lifetime

[ad_1] To some travelers, “vacation” means laying on a tropical beach or staying in an urban hotel, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But the start of a new year is time to think outside the box and start planning trips that help you both unwind and grow as a person. In 2017, and for years to come,… Read More »

The 1 Simple Trick I Use To Totally Slash My Food Waste

[ad_1] This article is part of HuffPost’s Reclaim campaign, an ongoing project spotlighting the world’s waste crisis and how we can begin to solve it. The average American family-of-four wastes around $1,500 a year on food that it ultimately ends up tossing in the trash. That’s a ton of money ― some $29 per week… Read More »

Syrian Medical Facilities Were Attacked More Than 250 Times This Year

[ad_1] The first airstrike hit at 9:02 on the morning of Feb. 15. As rescue teams dashed to the scene, warplanes circled back for a “double tap,” pummeling the isolated hospital in northwestern Syria a second time, minutes later. And a third. And a fourth. Twenty-five people died, including nine health care workers and five children. Staff… Read More »

Bill Clinton Tears Up After Casting Electoral Vote For Hillary

[ad_1] Bill Clinton cast his electoral vote for his wife, Hillary Clinton, in Albany, New York, on Monday, telling reporters afterward what a memorable experience it was. “I’ve never cast a vote I was prouder of,” a teary-eyed Clinton said. The former president, a Democratic member of the Electoral College for the state of New… Read More »

Develop Goals To Help Manage Your Fears

[ad_1] We all have to deal with fear and anxiety in our life. Our fears and anxieties can reduce our self-confidence and help prevent us from getting what we want. One of the ways to help manage your fears is to develop some goals and then focus on reaching those goals. Developing goals will help… Read More »

Christmas-Themed Dudeoir Shoot Will Heat Your Holidays Right Up

[ad_1] The big guy’s back.  Dudeoir model Joshua Varozza ― you may recognize him from previous cowboy-themed and merman-themed photoshoots ― is taking the holiday season by storm with a new, sexy-as-ever shoot. The bail bondsman-turned-model recently posed for a Christmas-themed dudeoir photo shoot in partnership with MeUndies.  The shoot is a great reminder that fireplaces aren’t… Read More »

This Woman Found A Festive Way To Give Her Wedding Dress A Second Life

[ad_1] For 26 years, Tess Heidelberger’s wedding dress was sitting in a dusty box in her basement next to her Christmas decorations.  Courtesy of Tess Heidelberger A photo of Tess on her wedding day in 1990.  “I thought, ‘What a waste,’” she told The Huffington Post. “My basic Christmas tree skirt was on the top of… Read More »

What You May Not Understand About Meditation

[ad_1] Meditation has been touted recently as the solution for everything from ADHD to PTSD. It’s being introduced in schools, workplaces, and hospitals. A meditation instructor of mine calls this growing popularity “McMindfulness.” The research does seem compelling as scientists the world over try to understand the neuroscience and physiology behind the success of mindfulness… Read More »